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Hi, my name is Katie Dziedzic, and I’ve spent over 20 years in the medical field practicing in traditional roles. I’ve been an EMT, an emergency department nurse, as well as a nurse practitioner in the cardiac ICU and advanced heart failure.  Most recently, I worked in the hospital as a nurse practitioner providing palliative and hospice care.  Throughout my experiences I witnessed a significant need for improved guidance and support at the end of life and for those living with a terminal illness. 

Many people and their families go through a death experience unprepared. They are frightened, overwhelmed, and fraught with tension and anxiety. It doesn’t have to be this way. I believe death, just like birth, is a sacred and normal transition. I want to help people find and meet their spiritual, emotional, mental and physical needs upon preparing for their own death, or for the death of a friend or family member.  


That’s why I’ve become an end-of-life (EOL) coach/doula. I help patients and their families explore and decide upon the preparatory goals that best meet their needs. From there, I provide a full suite of services designed to reduce fear and anxiety, and increase acceptance and a sense of closure. As an EOL doula, I would like to help remove fear from the dying process. Death doesn’t have to be this hard - let me show you another path. 


Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

Advanced Certified Hospice and Palliative Nurse (ACHPN)



  • What does an end-of-life doula/coach do?
    End-of-life (EOL) doulas are caregivers who offer healing versus curative care to people and families during terminal illness and dying. They focus on supporting clients and families to identify a clear life-fulfilling vision for the death process. Using this vision, the doula takes steps for the present and future to ultimately achieve a beautiful, healing death experience. The doula provides hands-on care to patients and families nearing and during the dying process, to make it easier and more in line with the expectations of the people involved.
  • Why use a coach or Doula?
    Hospice is a philosophy and insurance/Medicare benefit. It provides the medical care for a dying person whether that be at home, in the hospital or nursing facility. Frequently, however, there is a greater emotional, spiritual and mental need for support that is required during the end-of-life transition. Hospice cannot provide this, so an EOL coach or doula steps in to provide this support. Death, just like birth, is a sacred transition on our soul’s journey. Yet, so often in our culture we do not prepare for death as we do for birth. As an EOL doula, I help you discover your own preparatory needs and fulfill them.
  • Can I use a coach or doula alongside Hospice?
    Yes, these two services compliment each other.
  • Does insurance cover this service?
    At this time, I am not aware of any insurance that covers EOL doula/coaching services.
  • What if I don’t know when I will die?
    It is never too soon to plan for your death. Life review can be a continuous process.
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